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Edstone crew getting after it! Well done!


WOD 1 (2 pts): Randy
For time:
75-lb. power snatches, 75 reps

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In-class GWOD: 100 burpees for time


Partner WOD: Fifties

With a partner, complete (in any order):

50 wallball shots (15-20/8-10)
50 medball cleans
50 broad jumps
50 knees to elbows
50 deadlifts, 135/95

Only one partner can work at a time. The other partner must hold a plate overhead (25/45). Switch as needed; plate must stay overhead even when transferring plate from one partner to the other. Any time the plate drops, both partners must immediately complete a 5-burpee penalty before proceeding.

Buy-in: 50 pistol rolls (25 each leg) or candlestick rolls

Team WOD:
In teams of five: Each team must complete a total of 555 reps of push-ups or mountain climbers. In a straight line longwise on the gym floor, position two teammates on one end of the b-ball court, three on the other, numbered from one end to the other: 2,3/1,5,4. People will move through these exercises: 1 = walking lunges lengthwise across gym floor; to 2 = push-ups, to 3 = plank hold; from there do broad jumps back lengthwise across gym floor; to 4 = mountain climbers; to 5 = hold a plate overhead, 25/10 lbs … and then back to 1 = walking lunges. Everyone rotates as soon as the person lunging or broad jumping makes it to the purple stripe. Accumulate push-up and mountain-climber reps as a team as you cycle through partners. If person holding the plate lowers the plate, the mountain climbers don’t count; if person holding plank drops to the floor, the push-ups don’t count. When team has 555 reps, call “time”!

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5 RFT:
Bear crawl, 100 ft
Standing broad-jump, 100 ft

Do three Burpees after every five broad-jumps

Enjoy the sunshine folks!

With a partner, for time:
40 ground-to-overhead, 95/65 lbs (alternating partners for each rep)
Piggyback ride length of soccer field, switch as needed
40 jumping alternating lunge (must do together with partner)
Wheelbarrow race length of field, switch as needed
40 hang power cleans (accumulated as a team, divide as you please)
One partner broad jumps, the other toy soldier length of field, switch halfway
40 squats (must do together with partner)
Backward run together length of field
40 partner ball slams, 6-16 lbs
Alternating med ball throw down length of field
40 partner med ball sit-ups
Alternating med ball throw down length of field


5 RFT of:
Bear crawl 100 feet
Standing broad-jump, 100 feet — do three Burpees after every five broad-jumps.
Post total time.

Beyond the Whilteboard median time: 11:45