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15 minute AMRAP

5 medicine ball cleans

7 toes-to-bar (v-ups if unable to do toes-to-bar)

200m run


Dec. 11

21-15-9 of:

Burpee box jumps

Med-ball cleans

Sept. 9

AMRAP 3 minutes of:

7 med-ball cleans

7 pull-ups

Rest 1 minute

Repeat 3 minute AMRAP


In-class GWOD: 100 burpees for time


Partner WOD: Fifties

With a partner, complete (in any order):

50 wallball shots (15-20/8-10)
50 medball cleans
50 broad jumps
50 knees to elbows
50 deadlifts, 135/95

Only one partner can work at a time. The other partner must hold a plate overhead (25/45). Switch as needed; plate must stay overhead even when transferring plate from one partner to the other. Any time the plate drops, both partners must immediately complete a 5-burpee penalty before proceeding.

Buy-in: 2-min burpee challenge

In-class SWOD: 4-rep max deadlift

WOD: Run and Get It
4 RFT:
200m run (soccer goal to soccer goal and back)
15 medball cleans

On soccer field, with a partner—for time:
25 medball cleans each (simultaneously)
Medball wheelbarrow width of field white pole to white pole (partner on ground must push ball)
25 over-the-shoulder cleans each (share ball, each partner does 25 throws)
Medball catch length of field (person with ball must remain stationary; if ball drops, it must go back to point of last throw)
25 medball pushups each
Rotational medball throw width of field (start w/ ball at one foot, throw over opposite shoulder)
25 partner medball situps (each time ball touches ground = 1 rep)
Medball toss width of field
25 Russian twists each (left+right = 1 rep)
One lap around track with medball locked out overhead

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