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Great story about how you’re never too old to be active:

91-year-old inspires his whole gym, works out in his ‘comfortable’ overalls

Working out in overalls is a practical choice, Lloyd Black said.

Only four of this year. O we happy few, we band of brothers!

Compare these pictures!

“There’s a lot to live for. Tragedy defines you and refines you. But it doesn’t stop you.”

Some people run for the sheer challenge of completion. Some run as a “bucket list” goal. Some run for the love of the run itself. Some run for the adrenaline-packed experience wrapped up in marathoning…in racing, in general. Some run to beat a previous personal record. Some (most) run to remember. Heretofore, I’ve checked all of the above as my reasons for running…

But some run, for someone they personally know that endured a loss (or lossES) on that day in 1995…

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The New York Times describes recent studies showing why stretching before exercise is not a good idea. This is why we do dynamic stretches instead—leg swings, toy soldiers, high knees, Spiderman, karaoka and so on.

Here’s a terrific account of running the half marathon from Erica Irwin, posted on the Youth section of All you present and future long-distance runners should give it a read!

It reminded me of another epic essay, one of the most inspiring ever, from Dan Arnfield, on running a 5K “without stopping once.” Well worth the time to read!