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Our early results are in—seven students who are leaving for the Feast early ran the course Friday, Oct. 4:

  • Elam Wilson — 20:50
  • Alex Barrett — 21:35
  • Nathan Weese — 23:21
  • Owen Pulis — 25:12
  • Sam Nicholson — 26:34
  • Rebecca Szabo — 34:10
  • Andrea Figueroa — 37:20

“There’s a lot to live for. Tragedy defines you and refines you. But it doesn’t stop you.”

Some people run for the sheer challenge of completion. Some run as a “bucket list” goal. Some run for the love of the run itself. Some run for the adrenaline-packed experience wrapped up in marathoning…in racing, in general. Some run to beat a previous personal record. Some (most) run to remember. Heretofore, I’ve checked all of the above as my reasons for running…

But some run, for someone they personally know that endured a loss (or lossES) on that day in 1995…

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The Herbert W. Armstrong College Fitness Challenge and Powerlifting Meet

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For time, in the dark of night:

1 mile run, as a group
Partition as necessary:

  • 100 pull-ups, performed individually
  • 200 push-ups, as a group rep-for-rep
  • 300 squats, as a group rep-for-rep

1 mile run, as a group


Thanks for coming out for another successful Swans in Flight 5K. This year, we had 63 participants!

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104 participants in this terrific event! Thanks to the Hercuses and other volunteers for setting and timing the course—to Zechariah Henderson for a great National Anthem performance—and to everyone else for the smiles, energy, encouragement and enthusiasm. These were our best results to date—with new course records for both men and women, and a whole lot of PRs. Great job folks!
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