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In class SWOD: 4-rep max shoulder press

WOD: Sprints and Ruck Runs
For 15 minutes, keep traveling back and forth between markers at 100m with rotating cycles of:

  • All-out sprints
  • Sandbag runs (50/35)
  • Walking

Do not rest. If you have to slow down, do so on the sandbag runs and walks, but keep sprints at maximum intensity. As much as possible, save sprints for right after the walks.


15 rounds for distance of:
Sprint 20 seconds
Rest 40 seconds

Start each round at previous round’s end point.

Record total distance to comments.
Compare with 120201

Ten 100m sprints
Rest 2-3 minutes between each sprint

Post times for each sprint to comments

June 27 | “SQT”

3 RFT:
10 power snatches (95/45)
200 yard Shuttle sprint, 50 yards there and back twice

June 18

10 RFT:

3 Thrusters (135/75)
5 push-ups
50m sprint
Rest 30 seconds


4 rounds of:

400m run
Rest 90 seconds

Try to keep splits within 2-3 seconds.

Record time for each run to comments.