Facts: 1) Exercise is for everyone. 2) It is more fun and motivational to be part of a community than to try to exercise all on your own.

Abundant Life @ AC is the online home for the Herbert W. Armstrong College fitness community. It is our little campfire around which we gather to:

  • Get workouts
  • Learn and share helpful tidbits
  • Share experiences good, bad and ugly
  • Post times and results
  • Motivate each other through encouragement

This is a CrossFit-based program with these goals:

  • Improving general fitness
  • Providing ability-appropriate, challenging but not punishing activity for everyone who is interested
  • Building the HQ, college and congregation fitness community

You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you have the inclination. We would love it if you would post your time and any thoughts to the comments section for any workouts you do. This is your community We encourage you to record any comments, ideas or suggestions!

Game on!
Joel Hilliker