Standard Class:
3:10-3:15- CF Dodgeball
3:15-3:30- 10 min EMOM:
2 deadlifts
*After a solid warm-up begin to add weight to the barbell and get a sense of what your first “working set” will be”. A “working set” is a set that actually counts as one of your lifts for today. Your warm-up sets do not count. This is also a great day to focus on your technique during what time is left in each minute. Pay attention to how the previous lift felt and intentionally improve your next lift.  You can creep up in loading over the course of the 10 minutes or you can try to hold a certain loading across all sets.

3:35-3:50- Partner WOD:
With a partner, 5 rounds of:
30 wall balls, alternating every 5 reps  (20/14)
10 partner deadlift
*Use similar combine weight from deadlift EMOM
4:00-4:05- Hip Mobility

3:10-3:20- Medball Tic-Tac Toe
3:20-3:25- Double-under /Rope Climb Instruction
3:25-3:50-  WOD: 15 min AMRAP
250 m run
25 double-unders
1 rope climb (sub: 5 strict pull-ups or ring rows)


Advanced Class:
Barbell Strength:
Deadlift 1-1-1ME @ 80-90-95-100%
EMOM 10 min: 2 reps @ 80%

12 min AMRAP
250 m run
50 double-unders
5 deadlifts (225/155)

Oly Strength:
Burgener warm-up 1xPVC, 1xEmpty bar
Pause Snatch Balance: 3-2-2-2-1-1-1-
*3sec pause in the bottom

Muscle Snatch + Barbell Vertical Jump: 3-3-3
*Use heaviest weight you can for each set

75 power snatches for time (75/55)
Burpee bar muscle-ups (sub: burpee pull-ups)

Barbell Strength:
Bench 1-1-1ME @ 80-90-95-100%
EMOM 15 min: 2 reps @ 80%

3:55-4:05- Heel Chord/Calf Mobility

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