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WOD: 20 min AMRAP In teams of 3:
Partner 1 – Runs 400m with Sandbag
Partner 2 – Performs AMRAP of “Cindy” while Partner 1 is running
(5 Pull-Ups, 10 Push-Ups, 15 Air Squats)
Partner 3 – Performs AMRAP of squat clean thruster (95/55)

Partner 1 runs back in to start “Cindy” AMRAP
Partner 2 moves to barbell
Partner 3 takes off with sandbag
Each 400m run counts for 10 points
Each full round of “Cindy” counts for 10 points
Each cluster counts for 1 point

3 Rounds for time of:
500m row
50m Sandbag Carry, 150/100

*Sandbag must be cradled in front of the body, not on the shoulder.


In class SWOD: 4-rep max shoulder press

WOD: Sprints and Ruck Runs
For 15 minutes, keep traveling back and forth between markers at 100m with rotating cycles of:

  • All-out sprints
  • Sandbag runs (50/35)
  • Walking

Do not rest. If you have to slow down, do so on the sandbag runs and walks, but keep sprints at maximum intensity. As much as possible, save sprints for right after the walks.


3 rounds for time:

400m sandbag run (50/30)* (400 meters is once around the parking lot loop we’ve been using)
30 pull-ups (freshman can use jumping pull-ups if desired)

Post time and thoughts to comments.

* Sandbag run is as we did in class: Safely clean the sandbag up onto your shoulders and run. Men use 50 pounds, women use 30 pounds. To check the weight in the sandbag, each of the filler bags comes in 5, 10 and 15 pound increments. The number of stripes of red tape tells you the difference: 1 stripe = 5 lbs; 2 stripes = 10 lbs; 3 stripes = 15 lbs. Just load your bag with the correct weight before starting. To close the bag, feed the metal loop through all three holes and then clip onto it with the strap.

3 RFT:

5 Hang Power Cleans, 95/135
10 Pull-ups
400m Sandbag Run, 40/60

Post weights and time to comments.

For high score:

Three stations: one partner does 300m farmer’s walk (from east door JAFH around north soccer goal post and back—men: 30-45 lbs in each hand; women 10 lb plate each hand) while second performs movement; when run ends, the partners switch. The three stations (in any order):
– Squat cleans, 85/55 (frosh: 65/35)
– Box jumps, 24”/18”
– Candlestick rolls (if you do pistol rolls instead, each rep counts as 1.5 reps)
Conclude with piggy-back ride, switch partners as needed: Men 300m run in parking lot, women one lap around purple stripe.

Score for each team = total reps completed minus (number of minutes times 2).