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On soccer field, with a partner—for time:
25 medball cleans each (simultaneously)
Medball wheelbarrow width of field white pole to white pole (partner on ground must push ball)
25 over-the-shoulder cleans each (share ball, each partner does 25 throws)
Medball catch length of field (person with ball must remain stationary; if ball drops, it must go back to point of last throw)
25 medball pushups each
Rotational medball throw width of field (start w/ ball at one foot, throw over opposite shoulder)
25 partner medball situps (each time ball touches ground = 1 rep)
Medball toss width of field
25 Russian twists each (left+right = 1 rep)
One lap around track with medball locked out overhead

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With a partner, for time:
40 ground-to-overhead, 95/65 lbs (alternating partners for each rep)
Piggyback ride length of soccer field, switch as needed
40 jumping alternating lunge (must do together with partner)
Wheelbarrow race length of field, switch as needed
40 hang power cleans (accumulated as a team, divide as you please)
One partner broad jumps, the other toy soldier length of field, switch halfway
40 squats (must do together with partner)
Backward run together length of field
40 partner ball slams, 6-16 lbs
Alternating med ball throw down length of field
40 partner med ball sit-ups
Alternating med ball throw down length of field