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Enjoy the sunshine folks!

With a partner, for time:
40 ground-to-overhead, 95/65 lbs (alternating partners for each rep)
Piggyback ride length of soccer field, switch as needed
40 jumping alternating lunge (must do together with partner)
Wheelbarrow race length of field, switch as needed
40 hang power cleans (accumulated as a team, divide as you please)
One partner broad jumps, the other toy soldier length of field, switch halfway
40 squats (must do together with partner)
Backward run together length of field
40 partner ball slams, 6-16 lbs
Alternating med ball throw down length of field
40 partner med ball sit-ups
Alternating med ball throw down length of field

AMRAP in 8 Minutes:
Partner Ground to Overhead
With a partner, accumulate as many reps as possible. Alternate every 5 reps.

From CrossFit OKC

Get 2 to 6 people together; x=number of people in your group. All runs should be as a group; on work, only half the group can work at a time (if 3 people, 2 can work; if 5, 3 can work). For time:

Run: From SE door of JAFH—around south soccer goal—around Mayfair—back to JAFH.
Ground to overhead, 10x total reps (number of people times 10): 2 people per barbell, ~85% 1RM
Run: Same route, this time each person with PVC pipe held overhead. The group must stop anytime someone anyone lowers his PVC.
Pull-ups, 30x reps (as soon as someone drops off the bar someone else can get on)
Run: Same route, this time each person with 45/25lb barbell.
Deadlift, 25x reps: Same barbells as for G2O, 2 people per barbell
Run: Same route, but each person farmer’s carry 2 dumbbells or kettlebells each 20-40 lbs.
Broad jumps, 2x distance of full length of basketball court and back (purple lines): Partners can follow alongside and pick up wherever another leaves off.
Run: Same route, each person with PVC overhead as before.
Rope climbs, 4x reps. Note: If group has more than 2 people, you have the option of sending people to the rope during other periods of work to get up to half of your total reps done earlier.
Run: Same route, no weight. Time stops when last person enters JAFH door.

Go hard and have fun! Post time and thoughts to comments.