Get 2 to 6 people together; x=number of people in your group. All runs should be as a group; on work, only half the group can work at a time (if 3 people, 2 can work; if 5, 3 can work). For time:

Run: From SE door of JAFH—around south soccer goal—around Mayfair—back to JAFH.
Ground to overhead, 10x total reps (number of people times 10): 2 people per barbell, ~85% 1RM
Run: Same route, this time each person with PVC pipe held overhead. The group must stop anytime someone anyone lowers his PVC.
Pull-ups, 30x reps (as soon as someone drops off the bar someone else can get on)
Run: Same route, this time each person with 45/25lb barbell.
Deadlift, 25x reps: Same barbells as for G2O, 2 people per barbell
Run: Same route, but each person farmer’s carry 2 dumbbells or kettlebells each 20-40 lbs.
Broad jumps, 2x distance of full length of basketball court and back (purple lines): Partners can follow alongside and pick up wherever another leaves off.
Run: Same route, each person with PVC overhead as before.
Rope climbs, 4x reps. Note: If group has more than 2 people, you have the option of sending people to the rope during other periods of work to get up to half of your total reps done earlier.
Run: Same route, no weight. Time stops when last person enters JAFH door.

Go hard and have fun! Post time and thoughts to comments.

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