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Feb. 3

5 rounds for time of:
5 push-press
8 jumping squats
1 lap carrying medball

Oct. 2

AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

12 jumping squats

9 toes-to-bar

100m sprint



5 RFT (rounds for time):

5 dips
10 push-ups
15 jumping squats

Post time to comments

Three consecutive AMRAPs–in this case, as many reps as possible–in any order, each 4 minutes, with no break in between:

1. Back squat, 65/45 – push press, 65/45
2. Knees to elbows – jumping squats
3. Push-ups with feet on box (handstand push-up progression) – sit-ups (legs in butterfly position)

Score for each station is number of reps on whichever movement you did fewer of (e.g. if you did 38 knees to elbows and 45 jumping squats, score for station 2 is 38)

Record score for each station and total of all three to comments.