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Feb. 3

5 rounds for time of:
5 push-press
8 jumping squats
1 lap carrying medball

In two-man teams, each team member does each exercise once. While one team member does one, other team member does the other. After both do one set of movements, move to the next.

1) Farmer’s walk (25-53lbs each hand); box jumps (24/20″)
2) Backward run; wall ball (15/10)
3) Sprint; burpee
4) Lateral shuffle with med ball overhead (8/6); hang power clean (75/45)

Score is total rep count divided by your time in seconds

For high score:

Three stations: one partner does 300m farmer’s walk (from east door JAFH around north soccer goal post and back—men: 30-45 lbs in each hand; women 10 lb plate each hand) while second performs movement; when run ends, the partners switch. The three stations (in any order):
– Squat cleans, 85/55 (frosh: 65/35)
– Box jumps, 24”/18”
– Candlestick rolls (if you do pistol rolls instead, each rep counts as 1.5 reps)
Conclude with piggy-back ride, switch partners as needed: Men 300m run in parking lot, women one lap around purple stripe.

Score for each team = total reps completed minus (number of minutes times 2).