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1. Skill Practice: 15 minutes
2. WOD: 10m shuttle sprints
Set up two cones 10 meters apart. With a running clock perform one 10m sprint the 1st minute. Perform 2 x 10m shuttle sprints the 2nd minute. Perform 3 x 10m shuttle sprints the 3rd minute. Continue in this manner as long as possible until you fail to achieve the required shuttle sprint in the appropriate minute. On the turnaround ensure that one foot crosses the designated line and that one hand touches the ground as well.
3. Mobility: 10 min squat archetype

1. Squat EMOM for 10 min: 3@75 of 5RM
2. Press EMOM for 10 min: 3@75 of 5RM
3. Dimmel deadlift: 10-10-10; superset w/ wide grip pull-up: 7-7-7
4. 9 rounds for distance: Run 15 sec; rest 45 sec.

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Dec. 3

3 rounds for time of:

10 deadlifts (225/115)

1 shuttle sprint

11 pull-ups

1 shuttle sprint

12 kettlbell swings

1 shuttle sprint

In-class SWOD:
Max reps shoulder press (85/55), straight into push press, straight into push jerk, and for punishment gluttons, straight into split jerk.


WOD: Fight Gone Fair-to-Middlin
3 rounds for time, 1 minute each exercise, for reps:

Wallball shots, 15/8
Box jumps, 24/18
Power cleans 95/65 (sophs); Deadlifts 95/65 (frosh)
Shuttle runs, gym width; each purple stripe touch = 1 rep

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Oct 22


12 push press (115/65)

40 m shuttle sprint

8 ghd sit-ups


*shuttle sprint distance in the gym: down and back twice, from sideline to sideline.