In-class GWOD:
3 rounds for quality:
10 Strict handstand push-ups on wall (progression: Use AbMats)
10 L-hang pull-ups (progressions: curled legs; strict pull-ups; with bands)


Team WOD: Watch and Burn
In teams of 4, complete (in any order):
50 dips
50 knees-to-elbows
50 front squats 95/65
50 box jumps

On each team, only one person can be doing these reps at a time, and their reps only count while the other three team members are doing the following: 1) bottom-to-bottom air squats, rep for rep (rest at bottom); 2) hollow body hold; 3) holding a plate overhead (45/25). Team members can switch out however they want, but again, the reps only count while all three of the other things are happening.
At end, team must run as a group from the field house to the road between the field house and the soccer field and back, with two team members carrying a third by the hands and ankles, like a stretcher. Swap out as necessary.

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