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104 participants in this terrific event! Thanks to the Hercuses and other volunteers for setting and timing the course—to Zechariah Henderson for a great National Anthem performance—and to everyone else for the smiles, energy, encouragement and enthusiasm. These were our best results to date—with new course records for both men and women, and a whole lot of PRs. Great job folks!
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Thanks everyone for turning out! Absolutely perfect weather, inspiring National Anthem performance from the Junior Ambassadors, wonderful participation from the whole spectrum of the family, and lots of smiles—a tremendously successful event. We had 106 participants—49 men and 55 women. That’s basically double what we had last year. Terrific job, everybody!

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Well done, Mudders! Awesome teamwork, perseverance and good ol’ fashioned hard work!

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As a team:

Run 1 mile together (cross country loop)

10 rounds—partner up, with only one teammate working at a time, and complete:
15 pull-ups
20 push-ups … (you can break up the pull-ups and push-ups however you’d like—half and half or whatever; just have one person working at a time)
20 squats (whole team together, rep for rep)

Run 1 mile together (same loop)

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This is what we mean by high intensity, folks!