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Standard Class:

3:10-3:20- “Snatch” warm-up game
3:20-3:35- 10 EMOM, 3 back squats
3:40-3:55- WOD:
With a partner, as many reps as possible in 10 min of: View full article »

Standard Class:
3:10-3:15- CF Dodgeball
3:15-3:30- 10 min EMOM:
2 deadlifts View full article »

Standard Class Monday
3:10-3:15- Kettlebell tap race
3:15-3:25- 10 min EMOM: 2 power cleans View full article »

Standard Class Monday
3:05-3:12 – CrossFit Dodgeball
3:15-3:30- EMOM 10 minutes: Back Squat 3 reps @ 70%
3:30-3:50- Partner WOD:
30 Pull-Ups (hardest progression possible where you can do no more than 8 consecutive reps—even strict, chest-to-bar, L-sit if you can do it)
50 Wall Ball Shots
50 Sit-Ups
100 Kettlebell Swings
Perform every two minutes: 10 Burpees View full article »

Congratulations to all the guys who competed this year.

For the first time, we had 2 men total over 1,000 lbs!   And 2 others are knocking on the 1,000 club door with a 980 and 995 total.  A couple new school records were made as well.  We’re looking forward to seeing what you guys can do next year!

Here are the results:
Power Lifting Meet Results_2019
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Monday 12/9– Women

Skill Practice: 10 minutes

12 min. to find 5RM back squat

 WOD: 10m shuttle sprints

Set up two cones 10 meters apart. With a running clock perform one 10m sprint the 1st minute. Perform 2 x 10m shuttle sprints the 2nd minute. Perform 3 x 10m shuttle sprints the 3rd minute. Continue in this manner as long as possible until you fail to achieve the required shuttle sprint in the appropriate minute. On the turnaround ensure that one foot crosses the designated line and that one hand touches the ground as well.

Mobility: 10 min squat archetype

Monday 12/9 — Men
Squat EMOM for 10 min: 3@75 of 5RM [15 min.]
Press EMOM for 10 min: 3@75 of 5RM [13 min.]
Dimmel deadlift: 10-10-10; superset w/ wide grip pull-up: 7-7-7 [10 min.]
9 rounds for distance: Run 15 sec; rest 45 sec. [12 min.] View full article »