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Fifteen manly men staved off the nausea of a post-Thanksgiving Murph and finished this year. That’s one of the largest groups we’ve ever had. And we completed it in 54:03—one of the best times ever (actually just a few seconds off the record from 2017—53:45). Well done, men of Israel!

For time: 
100m Walking Lunge
800m Run
100 Air Squats 
[WOD = 3 points]

Freshmen version: For reps and distance-
Walking lunges, 2 minutes
Run, 4 minutes (run 2 minutes, then run back to start point)
Squat, 2 minutes

10 of us this year—well done gents! Completed in 55:42.

Men—if what you are doing in class is working for you and you are making gains, I would recommend continuing with that. Do the workout once or twice over the Thanksgiving break.

If you feel a little fatigued by that but still want work to do, here are two workouts you can do to change things up:


  • Squat: Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) for 12 minutes: 4 reps @65% of 5RM. This is a dynamic effort—go down slow, then explode to the top of each rep as rapidly as possible so the plates rattle.
  • 4210 Tempo Squat (take 4 seconds on the descent, hold at the bottom for 2 seconds, take 1 second on the ascent, and go straight into the next rep): 3×5 (this will be maybe 65% of your 5RM). — In between each set, do 20 dynamic push-ups (hands coming off floor at top)
  • Pause Bench Press: 3×5 heaviest weight possible (hold at chest for a full second each rep before pressing out) — In between sets, do work on the pegboard.
  • Deadlift: 12 min EMOM: 4@65% of 5RM—dynamic effort
  • Behind-the-Neck Shoulder Press: 3×10 — Between sets, do a max set of strict pull-ups
  • Deficit Deadlift (standing on a 35lb plate): 3×5 — Between sets, work on extension press-ups


Short Interval

  • 8 rounds: 10 seconds work : 20 seconds rest for max calories
  • 10 rounds: 30 seconds work : 30 seconds rest for max calories or meters
  • 8 rounds: row 250 meters. Rest for however long each round took (after a 52-second row, rest 52 seconds before the next round)

Long Interval

  • 8 rounds: work 1 minute, rest 1 minute for max calories or meters
  • Work:rest 1:1 — Row 1,000m — 1,000m — 500m — 500m — 500m — 250m — 250m — 250m — 250m
  • 3 rounds: Work 50 seconds, rest 10; work 40, rest 20; work 30, rest 30; work 20, rest 40; work 10, rest 50

On the interval work, keep track of your results, and when you repeat the workout, try to beat your previous effort on each interval—even if only by 1 meter.

Time Trial

  • 2K or 5K row for time
  • Row or bike 10 minutes for distance, or 20 min. or 30 min.

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